What is Evergleam?

Evergleam products are treated with a hard wearing clear electrostatic finish which repels the moisture and skin acids which cause oxidization & tarnish.

How long do Evergleam Products stay Untarnished?

This of course will always depend on the particular person’s body chemistry, what chemicals they use, & how the jewellery is treated. Please read the “Testimonials” section for some examples of how people who have been using Evergleam for some time find these products.

Save Time & Money

Many people spend long hours making jewellery masterpieces using standard plated findings & chain, only to find them tarnished within a matter of days or weeks. This is of course costly in time & money, not to mention frustrating. Use Evergleam products & spend your time on your next project, not re-doing your last one.


At only a fraction of the cost of precious metal, & comparable in price to standard products, Evergleam is the quality alternative at an affordable price.